Project: “Courtney get your act together”

I have been out of commission for FAAAAARRRRRR too long. My “me” time has been exchanged for work time, school time, boy time, family time, limited sleep time, and some time for baking! I need to some how squeeze in some time for running, some time for decompression, and some time to breathe!

I have always been an athlete and love to be active. I have been running half-marathons for a little over a year and now have completed 5! (In case you are wondering my favorite route has been the Nike Women’s Half Marathon (Oct. 16, 2011) but my favorite scenery and weather has been the Healdsburg Destination Half Marathon (Oct. 29, 2011)). So what is all this talk about running!? Well, …I SIGNED UP FOR MY FIRST MARATHON! Okay, I signed up a couple months ago, but I just now have the time to think about how I am going to get from 13.1 miles to 26.2 miles. I have done a lot of research and have found some running plans to get me from A to B…but finding one that doesn’t cost a small fortune and I can squeeze into my already busy schedule has been quite the hunt.

I have settled on a plan I got through the Nike+ website (the same site I got my training plan for the Nike Half Marathon). We will see how this works for the time being. So,… time being just happened I mapped out my date for the marathon and all the training runs and guess what?! INTERFERENCE already with a trip I have had planned for approximately 4 months now, and Thanksgiving, and Christmas! I guess this is where they say, “you have to do what is important to you and what makes you happy”. Guess what? EVERYTHING is important to me. Looks like I am going to have to continue my limited sleep time L.

Anywho, a little more about me. I am a girl a on a mission! A mission to kick some major butt. As a MBA candidate at St. Mary’s College of CA and a working professional I find any extra time to volunteer, see family and friends, and get a good workout, all the while trying to maintain sanity. I find relaxation in baking and snuggle sessions with my dogs…so get ready for some delish recipes and puppy pictures!

What do you say? You want to join me on my adventure to get from 13.1 to 26.2?


About Courtney

A girl on a mission to save the world one baked good and run at a time.
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One Response to Project: “Courtney get your act together”

  1. Brie Bridgeland says:

    I love you, but no thanks in joining! I am goin to love to hear how you are doing along your addition 13.1 mile journey.

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