Sugar Withdrawls

For those of you that have had the privilege to know me… you know that I am a pleasure!

EXCEPT, when I need food!

I am the person that eats pretty much non-stop and always has to have a granola bar or some sort of snack in my purse. Anyways, sugar withdrawals have put me in one of those fabulous but not so great moods where I may or may not snap at any moment. I went on another one of my “x” food isn’t good for you I better stop eating it rants this week. In this case it was candy. Why did I have to cut it out?….Mainly because I was eating so much of it I couldn’t even remember what I was eating that wasn’t candy. I blame the lady at work that is in charge of the candy jar (I should tell her to buy all the kinds of candy I hate).

What I have learned from my cutting out of food x, y, and z for a period time….it never works! You just end up eating more of whatever you cut out then you did before. The key is: MODERATION! But what is moderation, a bite size candy, a snack size candy, or a regular candy bar? Chances are if you grab a bite size you are going to crave another bite… Trust me I have done this. I have grabbed so many bite size candies that I am sure it added up to more then a regular candy bar. FAIL on my part. (This I blame the candy packaging company for).What “size” moderation is definitely something that each person needs to determine works for them. Yes there are suggested sizes but if you try to conform to what others tell you to do it will never work. DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU. So, for me it is one trip to the candy jar and before I get there… I say one, two, or three and that is how many pieces I get when I get there! It seems to be working out.

Another thought I have had is… I cut things out of my diet but I struggle with adding things to my diet. Perhaps, if I cut something out I should add something in.

Right now my diet consists of:








and, recently a few bites of fish (by few I mean I have never ordered a piece of fish all to myself).

I may have been able to get through half marathons on a limited diet, but I think the marathon is going to require a bit healthier more diverse meal selection. Now I vow, If I cut something out (in moderation), I will add something in! Hello, slimy fish and smelly brussell sprouts.


About Courtney

A girl on a mission to save the world one baked good and run at a time.
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