Down South = no running and lots of food….

I just spent the last 4 days in Chapel Hill, NC. It was absolutely beautiful! Only thing…. While I was there I ate, ate, didn’t run, ate and ate some more. Yes, I am complaining. But at the same time I can’t complain because the food was nothing shy of FREAKING AMAZING! Little bit of biscuit, little bit of veggies, little bit of pulled pork, little bit of homemade mac-and-cheese, little bit of baked beans, little bit of dessert and then some dessert and a little more dessert. Let’s just say I woke up on Friday thinking OMG I never want to eat again… then I see my Friend Casey…and she says “OMG I am starved what do you want for breakfast?” My response, UGH. So we went to get food.

I went to my first down south football game, tailgate and all! It was soooo much fun. NC State beat Clemson in a blow away and I learned how to play cornhole… (Note the picture below) You have a teammate and you try to throw the beanbag into the little hole on the board… The point system is a little crazy so I won’t try to explain it.

 I felt bad going to the tailgate empty handed so Casey and I had a cooking party the night before. She made baked beans the Casey way, aka: follow the recipe to an extent then throw in a little extra hear and there. Then we tried out two new recipes, gingerbread and S’more bars. OMG please see the S’more bars below. They are to-die-for and super easy to make. Found the recipe on the website. 

So back to my running after talking about all this food and the 15lbs I gained in approx. 4 days. I didn’t run at all in the past week. I have a 10k on Thanksgiving morning….little turkey trot! I have a half marathon on Dec. 10th and one on Jan. 15th. UGH….don’t get me wrong I am very excited for them all but scared about how I was going to  train for the marathon and do all the runs. Well, 1. I have this friend that runs pretty much 24/7 and he has a trainer, 2. He offered to pass over his contact information so I could get in contact with him, 3. So I did! 4. $5 trillion later I will be with a training plan and some other good stuff to get ready for my marathon. I will start next week. Which makes me ponder the idea of how many times have I said I will start my training next week…hmmmm. With a trainer I will have no choice! I just need someone to get me back into my groove! I feel so out of it L. So, while I eat away my miseries and free time until I commit all free time to running I will be baking and studying for the next week!

Until next time….


About Courtney

A girl on a mission to save the world one baked good and run at a time.
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