Who am I?

I participated in the inaugural WC half marathon this weekend…. Things to note about my participation in this event….

  1. It was FREEZING, literally
  2. I was so cold I could not feel myself smiling
  3. I was so cold I think my lungs froze….I was having MAJOR issues with breathing when I “attempted” the hills. Attempts only because I couldn’t run up one of them from bottom to top. FAIL on my part.
  4. Every time I would swallow I would lose my breathe and then it would take me “x” amount of time to get back in control
  5. I hate making excuses for my lack of good performance, but I was really struggling
  6. I had a sidekick to push me through….even when I was not doing so well. Thank you DAN! (I for sure was holding him back…but, it was nice of him to run with me)
  7. I managed to finish with seconds under 2:00:00 even with the amount of walking I did. I definitely did not deserve to finish under 2 hours…..Geez how depressing that sounds!

Today is my first day of training with my coach and I am PRETTY EXCITED! I cant wait for him to kick my butt. I need my head back in the game…I hope he holds the key to do that!

How much effort can I put in? How bad do I want this? What am I trying to prove? Who am I?



About Courtney

A girl on a mission to save the world one baked good and run at a time.
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